Aggregation vs Composition

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In OOP Composition reffers to the relationship between classes of type “A” let’s say containing refferences to other classes of type “B”. The second condition is that type “B” instances cannot exist without the type “A” instances.
For example a class of type “A” can be a Car and a class of type “B” can be a Wheel. Destoying the Car would also destroy the enclosed Wheel.

On a complementary look, is the Aggregation, which needs the same first condition – classes of type “A” containing refferences to other classes of type “C”, but the econd conditon says the opposite: instances of type “C” can continue to exist without the instances of type “A”.
The perfect example here, additionaly to the one above is to consider the class of type “C” as being the Driver of the Car. Destroying the Car object one will not expect that the Driver should also be destroyed, since the Driver can move to another Car or Vehicle for instance.

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