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How to remove all @eaDir folders from hdd using batch command line in Windows ?

Got a Synology device, all folders now include @eaDir folders. How to get rid of the @eaDir folders in Windows using a batch command line? In linux it's lot easier using the pipe: find . -name... fanda pharmacy hong kong viagra





How powerful does my laptop has to be in order to work with windows 8?

I've tried to install windows 8 twice and it doesnt work.Is it because my laptop is from the stone age and i need to upgrade its RAM or something? I had Windows 7 before and it worked just fine.

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How to use libgdx scrollpanel class for an android game ?

I'm trying to find an Android game that uses libgdx scrollpanel class, because I cannot make it work correctly. I want to use the class to select levels. Is there any game that does that with libgdx?

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Can I install and run Android app on the new Blackberry 10 OS?

Can I install and run Android app on the new Blackberry 10 OS? Until now this option was available for the BB Playbook but i wonder if the new OS10 will have the ability tu run Android apps.

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Why Windows does not shut down ?

Shutting down Windows does not finish. It keeps forever. How to fix it ?

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How to fix SAP Logon error The Procedure entry point ?FeiDbgException@@YAXVCWin32Exception@@@Z could not be located ?

SAP Logon throws error The Procedure entry point ?FeiDbgException@@YAXVCWin32Exception@@@Z could not be located. NwSapFeiLg.dll pillole viagra donne

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How to fix SAP Logon.exe Entry Point not found error ?

SAPLogon.exe error : Entry Point not found The Procedure entry point RfcReset Tracedir could not be located in the Dynamic link library LIBRFC32.dll

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How to make your smartphone battery last longer ?

How to increase your smartphone battery life to 3-4 days ? Either you have an iPhone 3GS,4, Samsung Galaxy 1,2 or 3 or Htc One X etc the battery lasts one day or less.

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