Which is the best file browser for Android devices ?

Answer #1

I’m not the guy to promote things, but I have to tell you the ES File Explorer is the best file browser I used on my Samsung Galaxy S3.
this tool is available on the Google Play Store and is available to all Android enabled devices, like phones, tablest etc.

Here’s why:

1. Easily change file extensions
By default I couldn’t do it with the integrated File Browser. It simply does not offer the possibility to change the extensions for media content for example.
I also tried it from the computer to which I attached the phone via USB but the change is discarded somehow.

Why would you do that? Because copying large media files like videos and full films on the phone takes more than copying a file with a random extension since the Android OS takes time into optimizing that multimedia content. so a viable solution is to copy a file which does not sounds like a movie by changing the extension. See more at:
http://centraladvisor.com/hardware/gadgets/how-to-transfer-movies-faster-from-computer-to-phone-or-other-mobile-devices/ cialis kaufen ohne rezept erfahrungen

2. FTP support for FTP accounts
Simple. It just works. Add your ftp account and you have your remote drive.
moreover, it supports FTPS,SFTP,WEBDAV which is great since I have a FTPS because I don’t like to share my login password text in clear while logging to a normal FTP and I suggest you do the same. can cialis reduce blood pressure

3. LAN support
Same simple, just add the local share, supports authentication, works like a charm.

4. Bluetooth support
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5. Net services support
Here’s the golden one.
All owners of a free Microsoft Live account have a free Skydrive account – which is the same 7GB for free cloud storage. Accessible from everywhere from your computer and mobile device. Support for this service is included, for free.
Add to this awesome feature support for the following additional simmilar services: box, sugarsync, dropbox, gdrive (where your Google docs reside also), s3 Amazon web services, yandex and Ubuntu.

6. Extra bundled toys like Application Manager, Recommendations, root support search, history, multiple copy/paste – everithing integrated with the services I specified.

I strongly reccomend it!

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