Android on Samsung Galaxy S3 reports SD card damaged




How to fix damaged SD card on Android after software update?

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In: Android Asked By: aiboogie [228 Blue Star Level]

Answer #1

Just minutes ago I had a pending upgrade for my Samsung Galaxy S 3 Android. After the update the device asked for a resart and then entered into some upgrading please wait status.All good, after 100% the device started and it reported the my 32 gb sd card is damaged and that i have to format it in order to be usable again.
NO WAY!?Everyone has tons of things on 32 gb of data…

So after some failed attempts i fixed it. Here’s how: imagenes de pastilla viagra

Please disregard the old method I was proposing you because in some cases you might fix the SD card, but lose the content (files with size 0)! Use instead the newer method:

This method:
Test Disk is one of the best software I ever met for disk diagnosing and data recovery.
0. Please handle the steps with caution! data loss might occur, and I will not be held responsible.
As soon as you got the message that the sd card is broken/damaged/must be formatted/etc, please remove the sd card from the device. Insert it in a sd card adapter if it’s a micro/mini sd card and set the read only lock on. It is very important that nothing is written(or format the sd card by mistake!) on the sd card until the salvaging operation finishes! Move the Read only lock before inserting the sd card in the computer/sd card.

Put your sd card into any phone which can be used as usb storage(exposes the sd as a drive in MS Windows). I used Win 7.
Alternatively you could use any micro sd to sd adapter and then plug it in directly in your laptop/computer or n a card reader connected to the computer through USB.
1. Proceed and download the tool from the official website at
2. Extract the contents of the archive, you do not need to install anything.
3. Run testdisk_win.exe. Accept to run as Administrator if you are asked.
5. Choose to Create a new log file. Enter.
4. Select the sdcard in the list of drives and press enter on Proceed.
5. Choose Intel (or something else if it really is the case).Enter.
6. Choose Analyse. Enter.
7. Quick search. Enter.
8. Press the “p” key to see the files on the sd card.
9. Go over each file/directory and then press the “c” key.
10. Browse the HDD filesystem to choose a place where to save the files on the SD. Press the “c” key to ask the program start the recovery of the currently selected file/folder.
11. Repeat step9 for each file from the root partition of the sd card and each folder from the root partition of the sd card. Subfolders will be automatically saved recursively. When recovering the 2nd or 3rd etc file/folder the place chosen for saving the files/folders will be the same used for the 1st file/folder saved.
12. Make sure you saved all data.
13. Format sd card.
14. Put the saved ta back on the freshly formatted sd card.

Please disregard the old method I was proposing you because in some cases you might fix the SD card, but lose the content (files with size 0)! Use instead the newer method.
Start command prompt with administrative privileges: Right click on desktop and choose new shortcut and type cmd at command line.Next right click the cmd icon and select Run as Administrator.
Type in the newly popped out window:

chkdsk  <drive letter of the sd>: /r

Wait for the process to finish.
Remove sd and put it back into the phone.
Job done! ;0)

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [228 Blue Star Level]
Answer #2

Sweet… it works. Thanks…

I’ve been searching for this for so many days and non of the given solution works…

Thanks a million

Answers Answered By: Roger See [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

Thanks, OP. I had to put my dog to sleep last night and woke up this morning to a damaged SD card. Of course there were a ton of photos of him on the phone. Your method worked and now I can back the photos up.

Answers Answered By: Mike [ Grey Star Level]
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Answer #4

You saved the day! Why did I not think of that? You rule!!

Answers Answered By: happy person [ Grey Star Level]

Answer #5

Hi all, I’m glad it helped you :) If you have any other questions put them on the site and I’ll get the answer for them.

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [228 Blue Star Level]
Answer #6

any suggestions for mac users?

Answers Answered By: Tiffany Holland [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #7

Hi Tiffany. Basically should be the same.I dont have a mac, buy try to insert the microsd into a cardreader and connect it to the mac. Then just use a disk utility which is used normally for harddrives. Set it to scan and repair the card partition which appeares after connecting it to the mac.

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #8

OMG!! Thank you so much for this!!! I thought for sure i lost everything!! Thank you!! I would like to buy you a beer my good sir!! Seriously!

Answers Answered By: Shaun [ Grey Star Level]
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Answer #9

Hi Shaun, glad it helped!
We need questions and answers on the site, so you could help there :)

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [ Grey Star Level]
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Answer #10

Worked perfect thanks…

Answers Answered By: wildman [ Grey Star Level]
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Answer #11

I’m a mac user and it work great, just open the diskutility select the sd card and hit repair.

Answers Answered By: Henk [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #12

Hi all,

Mine was sort of different. My SD card got dismounted automatically after the upgrade, and now it can’t be detected at all. Tried plucking the card into a card reader for both PC and Mac, but nothing seems to detect the card at all, and thus I can’t do the repair thingy. I’m so screwed this time…

Answers Answered By: Soh Huan Liang [ Grey Star Level]
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Answer #13

Hi there!
It is very possible that the microSD card adapter (from microSD to SD) you use for connecting the microSD to the card reader be broken.

I also had this issue, so if you’re using an adapter re-try using another adapter.

Answers Answered By: bogdan [ Grey Star Level] viagra online australia with paypal
Answer #14

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are amazing, that worked and now all of my 3000 photos and videos are safely backed up! You should work for samsung!!!! :)

Answers Answered By: Az [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #15

It did not work for me :’( In my instance, my phone blacked out, died, and then it kept pulsating. When I plugged it in and it came back up it said that the SD card was damaged. I have lost all of my photos, music, ringtones, etc… I tried the above command, and everything worked until I had to enter in the “chkdsk…..” Was I supposed to re-format it like it initially prompted me to do when I inserted the card???

Answers Answered By: Tania [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #16

When I try to do this it says that the file is corrupted. Please help I have alot of important stuff on there.

Answers Answered By: Stevie Medlock [ Grey Star Level]
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Answer #17

dude thank you so much you are the man;D

Answers Answered By: henkka [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #18

Hello, Mr. Medlock.

Unfortunately some files might not get recovered in this process. I would recommend you to try different disk recovery utilities which might be able to rescue the corrupted files or at least parts of them. Be warned that this operation needs technical background opn data recovery and if you do not have it, I strongly recomend you to ask a specialized person to do it for you.

I wish you success with this operation.

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [228 Blue Star Level]
Answer #19

Help!! My computer and other phones cant read my sd card anymore. I need to retrieve my files badly! :’( My photos and videos and so many documents are there. I am starting to hate samsung because of this. I got an s3.ab

Answers Answered By: Danielle [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #20

Can I use my phone as a card reader or does the card have to be out of the phone in order for this to work?

Answers Answered By: Vanessa [ Grey Star Level]
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Answer #21

Hi there, please read the comments from the start of the stack.
Danielle: there is a comment exactly before yours explaining some additional workarounds.
Vanessa: yes, you should use a card reader which then plugged in the computer’s USB port should read your card. then perform a scan and fix on it.

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [228 Blue Star Level]
Answer #22

It didn’t work for me. But I have a galaxy proclaim. Help!!!

Answers Answered By: stacey [ Grey Star Level]
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Answer #23

Idk if I’m doing it right but my computer keeps saying it cannot find the file specified… help. please.. :( sildenafil 50mg uk

qual o nome do remedio generico do viagra
Answer #24

My brother phone black out without the SD card now it want come on so how to fix it

Answers Answered By: christy bonner [ Grey Star Level]
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Answer #25

@Oscar : you’re doing what? Please be more precise.
@christy bonner: you should contact a specialized person for that. Be sure to backup the sd card first if you decide to do a full phone factory restore!

Answer #26

I don’t know how you came up with this solution, but it was simple, it worked and you sir should be paid for this!

Answers Answered By: tony [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #27

i have tried this but it appear to be
The type of the file is NTFS.
cannot lock current drive.
chdksk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process.

how can i avoid this? maintain erection after ejaculation with viagra

Answers Answered By: Eugene [ Grey Star Level]

Answer #28

Hi There,

Seems that a process on the computer is constantly accessing the mounted sd card(anti virus for eg.)
Try on different machine. Or try a different disk utility.

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [228 Blue Star Level]
Answer #29

Thank you very much! I had an 8GB micro sd that got damaged after i updated my GS3. Put it in the reader and then typed what you said, but nothing happened. Instead i typed

chkdsk E: /f

and everything worked out just fine :)

Answers Answered By: Anonymous [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #30

This does not work for me…I have tried on two different computers…through USB connection to my phone and through a Micro SD adapter. cmd prompt on one computer says “Cannot open volume for direct access” The other computer says “The type of the file system is FAT 32. Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected.” Has anyone else ran into these issues?

Answers Answered By: Amanda [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #31

Can I use my own phone?

Answers Answered By: Rosalie [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #32

So, I installed an apk file for an app i was developing and it didn’t work. Decided to restart my phone, then out of no where i get the Damaged SD Card must reformat.There was no way i was just going to quit and reformat pictures that ive had saved for 3 years and other important stuff. I was having a battle connecting the microsd card to 2 computers took me a few hours but finally got a hand on a microsd adapter. My pc finally recognized it but still gave me some issues that it wasnt working properly. so i went to command prompt, did everything the OP said and it still didnt work.

This is what made it work!

chkdsk D: /f

Thank you aiboogie and Anonymous answer 29!

Answers Answered By: Itworked [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #33

Please help me!
I tried this with the micro SD card from my GS3 and when I type it in it says “The type of the file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives.”

Answers Answered By: Kira [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #34

@Rosalie: no, you have to use the pc.
@Kira: raw means that the filesystem is not recognized by the chkdsk utility. You could try first recovering the metadata using the TestDisk utility.

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [228 Blue Star Level]
Answer #35

what’s with this “/f”? doesn’t that format the card?

“/f” = format = _no_data_will_survive_ (but the card may be usable from scratch again)

i don’t know what else the f would stand for.

Answers Answered By: diddle [ Grey Star Level]

Answer #36

@diddle: as the technet post says:
/f is to fix errors, not to format.

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [228 Blue Star Level]
Answer #37

“Cannot open volume for direct access”

What can I do?

Thanks so much!

Answers Answered By: Jessica [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #38

I can’t open some of the videos I had. It worked but how do I get some of my videos

Answers Answered By: bri [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #39

I have an Sandisk 32gb class 10 and I got the same problem with my galaxy S3! I put my microsd card it on my sony camera with an adpter from microsd to sdcard and load up on my computer. I could backup all the files! Tomorrow i will try the “chkdsk /r” command! Tks!

Answers Answered By: Yuri Gil [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #40

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Answers Answered By: Cheap True [ Grey Star Level]
Answer #41

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