How to fix Page not found 404 error for WordPress permalinks on Apache web server ?

I recently installed WordPress, enbled the pretty permalinks using a custom structure like /%category%/%postname%/. Then, any post / category I would try to see I get the Page not found 404 error. How can I fix this issue ?

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Answer #1

Hi there,

there are 2 main things you have to check:

1. When the permalinks are edited (created or modified) WordPress tries to add/edit the .htaccess file in the root WordPress directory. If WordPress cannot write the file, it will ask you to edit it by yourself, using the content provided at the bottom of the permalinks page. Simmilarly, you could set full permissions (chmod 777) on the .htaccess file before setting up/modifying the permalinks setup, and after that you could set it back to chmod 655. maintain erection after ejaculation with viagra

2. The Apache configuration file (httpd.conf in general) needs to have this configuration for the WordPress installation directory:
<Directory “/var/www/yoursitecom”>
AllowOverride All
Options +FollowSymLinks +Indexes
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from All
After adding this entry, restart the apache server(on linux use service httpd restart in most cases). generique viagra mylan

Answer #2

As a small correction / adding, one might remove the directory browsing access, by using
-Indexes instead of +Indexes.

Answers Answered By: aiboogie [228 Blue Star Level]
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