My SD card is damaged/corrupted, need help immediately!




I have a 16 gb Sandisk 10 class sd card that i use in my Nokia s60v3, and i own an android phone too. Just few hours ago, i took out my 16gb sd card from nokin and placed it in android, and when i turned on my phone it said… “SD card is damaged” need format, that i just absolutely cant! I dont have any backup either. And next, when i placed it back in my Nokia, every folder and data was gone, even though its showing the free space (5 gb) but inside its totally blank. And after few mins, it started loading up some unknown folders with random number named and showing the total disk space 98 gb now. Those folders got nothing in it and the quantity of them is huge. i just cant format it cuz i have 12 gb of important data in it, music, images, videos, docs and apps. What should i do??? Please help me out here! generique viagra mylan

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Hi there,

please find the answer in this post. Be carefull to use the new solution to recover your files from the sd card. As a matter of fact, thos solution is usable for recovering the files from ANY HDD/SD card/ micro sd/ etc: viagra cost without insurance

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