Which is the fast way to lose weight?




I have my wedding in 3 weeksand i need to lose at least 6 pounds cause my dress wont fit anymore. anybody? generique viagra mylan


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Hi there,

I should start telling you that my oppinion on losing weight FAST is not a very healthy method at all, the body could enter in a shock state, and the immunitary system could suffer, hence you could suffer.
I would reccomend you see a nutritionist for a healthy weight loss.
Personally, I lost 20kgs in ~6mo to 1 year by elliminating cooked food, pork and lamb meat, any fat rich foods and of couse fast foods, shawormas etc.
My principal food was the salad:
- summer salad: totatoes, cucumbers, low fat cheese(cow), salad
- summer salad with meat: add chicken (grilled/boiled) chicken meat (NO SKIN – that\’s 100% FAT)
- tuna salad: salad, tuna cane, corn, and if you want to add more: cherry tomatoes, green onions
- clear chicken soup
- chicken grill
- fish grill
- cow grill viagra cost without insurance

Observe that only grilled/boiled meats are allowed, and from those only fish,chicken and cow. Avoid at all costs the skin from the chicken!!!
Eating salad it\’s very healthy, and I for example had not limited myself to the quantity, eating a very very large bowl of salad in one day – but that was it, nothing else…maybe some beer :P
Please remember! These were the things that I did to lose weight, and might NOT apply to you, each body having its own burning schedule etc. For the best result either be very cautious doing it, or better get certified help from a nutritionist!

I wish you the very best and give me a mail if it worked for you at dan@centraladvisor.com!

Answers Answered By: dan [ Grey Star Level]
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