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How many calories should I eat a day?

How many calories should I eat per day . I am an adult 25 years old woman.

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Answer #1

This is the calory intake for every age:

0-3 Months: M 500 kcal/day; F 450 kcal/day
4-12 months: M 700 kcal/day; F700 kcal/day
1-3 years: M 1100 kcal/day; F1000 kcal/day
4-6 years: M 1500 kcal/day; F 1400 kcal/day
7-9 years: M 1900 kcal/day; F 1700 kcal/day
10-12 years: M 2300 kcal/day; F 2000 kcal/day
13-14 years: M 2700 kcal/day; F 2200 kcal/day free viagra trial pack nz

for young adults and adults that don’t exercise :

15-18 years: M 2500 kcal/day; F 2000 kcal/day
19-24 years: M 2500 kcal/day; F1900 kcal/day
25-50 years: M 2400 kcal/day; F 1900 kcal/day
51-64 years: M 2200 kcal/day; F 1800 kcal/day
65+ years: M 2000 kcal/day; F 1600 kcal/day

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Answer #2

It is possible that your metabolism may decrease a bit as you eat less calories for a long period of time, but it’s likely you can continue burning more calories then you intake at that level.

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