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Samsung S3 vs S4 – is it worth the money difference?




I have a Samsuns Galaxy S3 and I was thinking if it’s worth buying the new S4. Are there any users that had the S3 and got the S4 and can give me some feeback?


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Answer #1

I have the S4 for about a week and Im pretty happy with it to be honest.
As a comparison the S 4 has the Super AMOLED screen that measures 5-inches with 1920-by-1080 resolution .
The back camera has 13 megapixels , while the S3 had only 8 and the processor has 8 cores, while S3 had only 4.
The S4 has the Dual Camera software that allows you to see a photo of yourself while taking a picture of something else; Group Play offers you ability to tap your phone with more others to play the same song simultaneously;it translates text and voice very fast and can it can also translate signs ;
The cool S Scroll and S Pause features that stop scrolling text or playing a video, when your eyes leave the screen – i personaly like it alot.
It also has other features like :Air View, S Voice Drive which helps you when you’re driving, the Samsung Knox – this one is for security .
Adapt Display automatically adjusts screen settings for optimal viewing and the list can go on.
All in all im pretty happy with it, i like it and I would take the next step if I were you.

Answers Answered By: Lucas [ Grey Star Level]

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