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Is there a Google Drive app available for Blackberry Playbook and/or smartphones?

I am a heavy user of cloud storage and the best i got is Google Drive but i am unable to find a suitable app for using with GDrive.

Anyone knows any ?

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In: BlackBerry Asked By: gheorghitacristian [7 Grey Star Level]
Answer #1

Files and Folders BlackBerry app supports some cloud storgae services, one of them being Google Drive.

Alternatively, some of the services are offering a neat mobile website when accessed from mobile devices which can do the trick.

Answers Answered By: andrew [ Grey Star Level] can cialis reduce blood pressure
Answer #2

Thanks for the tip. I will try it when back home.

Answers Answered By: gheorghitacristian [7 Grey Star Level]
Answer #3

Well…Files and Folders did its job on the PB , but how about my BB smartphone?Do you know any similar app for it?

Answers Answered By: gheorghitacristian [7 Grey Star Level]
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