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How to transfer movies faster from computer to phone or other mobile devices ?




I’m transfering movies using the USB cable from my computer to my phone. It takes ages! How to make it faster ?

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Answer #1

I also had that issue both when transfering movies to a BlackBerry Curve, to a Samsung Galaxy S3 and to a tablet using the USB cable from the computer.
Everybody does it. For a train or plane ride it’s nicer to watch a movie, maes the time go away faster.

Here’s the trick: cialis kaufen mit rezept

1. Rename the movie on the computer i.e. .aci to .av_

2. Copy the renamed file to the device pillole viagra donne

3. Get ES File Exlorer from Google Play store for Android devices or use the file browser for other devices

4. Locate the .av_ file and rename it to .avi otc viagra

5. Done!

This process is much faster since the host device does not love anymore time to re-encode and optimize the content for the device.
Nowadays the devices are strong enough to play a non-optimized content anyways, so I do not know why should you bother optimizing…

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